Bobcat TS24 TS28 TS32 TS36 TS44 Tree Spade Service Repair Manual

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Covers: Bobcat Tree Spade Attachment Service & Repair

  • TS24T Convertible S/N A9SK00101 & Above
  • TS24T (Bobcat Only) S/N A9U200101 & Above
  • TS24M Convertible S/N A9SN00101 & Above
  • TS24M (Bobcat Only) S/N A9U500101 & Above
  • TS24C Convertible S/N A9UW00101 & Above
  • TS24C (Bobcat Only) S/N A9VC00101 & Above
  • TS28T Convertible S/N A8WG00101 & Above
  • TS28T (Bobcat Only) S/N A9U800101 & Above
  • TS28M Convertible S/N A9RT00101 & Above
  • TS28M (Bobcat Only) S/N A9UB00101 & Above
  • TS28C Convertible S/N A9V000101 & Above
  • TS28C (Bobcat Only) S/N A9VE00101 & Above
  • TS32T Convertible S/N A9TS00101 & Above
  • TS32T (Bobcat Only) S/N A9UE00101 & Above
  • TS32M Convertible S/N A9TV00101 & Above
  • TS32M (Bobcat Only) S/N A9UH00101 & Above
  • TS32C Convertible S/N A9V300101 & Above
  • TS32C (Bobcat Only) S/N A9VG00101 & Above
  • TS36T Convertible S/N A9SA00101 & Above
  • TS36T (Bobcat Only) S/N A9UL00101 & Above
  • TS36M Convertible S/N A9TZ00101 & Above
  • TS36M (Bobcat Only) S/N A9UP00101 & Above
  • TS36C Convertible S/N A9V600101 & Above
  • TS36C (Bobcat Only) S/N A9VJ00101 & Above
  • TS44 Convertible S/N A9SG00101 & Above
  • TS44 (Bobcat Only) S/N A9UT00101 & Above
  • TS44C Convertible S/N A9V900101 & Above
  • TS44C (Bobcat Only) S/N A9VL00101 & Above

Pages: 106
Format: PDF
Works on: Windows/Mac/Tablet

With this purchase you will receive a downloadable PDF service manual that includes detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations on how to maintain, service and repair the Bobcat TS24 TS28 TS32 TS36 TS44 Tree Spade Attachment. This manual is a must for all Bobcat TS24 TS28 TS32 TS36 TS44 Tree Spade Attachment owners and mechanics. This PDF file does not have any restrictions — view it on your computer/tablet or print out any pages you need within minutes.


  • General Information
  • Specifications
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Main Frame
  • Hydraulic System
  • Schematics
  • Torque Specs
  • Revisions
  • And Much More…



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